My Workflow Process

Roey  25.05.2020

As a web designer who’s part of a web development team, it’s common that you have to juggle a lot of tasks simultaneously. So you need to set a guidelines as well as a workflow on how you handle a certain projects. So in my very first blog, I want to discuss on how I handle my projects using this simple process. 

So after a project brief of my Project Manager the next thing I will do is:

1. Research

Research is the very important role in this process. Researching is the key element of every project, designing without research is like getting into a taxi just saying, "Drive." No context, No description, No questions answers, just straight designing, it's like you are driving without a direction.

In research process I sometimes collaborate with my teammates to ask meaningful questions, Probe user goals, Search for motivations, and Understand the context of the project. 

2. Build the idea

My next process is building the idea. Sometimes project don't have a wireframe or concept to begin with. It is plain and direct to the point, so sometimes you need to be creative and build a design concept for the project. 

3. Wireframing

After building the idea on the project. I design the wireframe of the project or creating mockups. Wireframing is very useful in designing because it will establish the basic structure of a page before visual design and content is added.


The next process is applying concept design to the wireframe to visually represent the website and add contents to the design.

5. Development / Prototyping

After designing the project, I will proceed into prototyping. I sometimes prototype the final design in either in code (HTML, CSS, JS), Invision, Adobe XD prototyping tool, or other tools depending on the job.

6. Iteration
Other thinks after the prototyping the project is done but for me it is not, after prototyping I perform research through series of usability tests and A/B testing, gather user feedback, evaluate design with analytics, and iterate. 

7. Repeat

The workflow will not stop, I redo the entire process and use new insights to further bolster the product's user experience.