Roey  30.03.2020

iStart is a startup idea that I constructed to help other startups to develop their idea by providing them some of the things that a startup company needs. iStart is a membership platform for startups. It is a platform that connects startup enthusiasts and innovators to each other. It is a platform that uses a subscription based model that is cable of supporting startups by having contributors. A platform that brings unity to startup ecosystem. A platform where you can learn and gain news about startups. A platform for every startup in the Philippines.

Having a membership platform that is dedicated for startups will help the startup ecosystem. How? startups can gain support from startup enthusiasts and contributors. Contributors can support their favorite startups, by being a contributor you can pay monthly access to exclusive contents like extra videos, behind the scenes stuff, limited edition contents, early access, beta testing and others, you name it. Contributors will fund your startup by giving them the contents they love. But you can also sell your products and make an income through the platform. By posting your startup, it can be the testing ground for your market and your team if it will succeed. Lastly, you can also hire mentors for your startup. They can help you to plan and teach you how to handle your startup. They will serve as your advisor for your startup to succeed.

Innovation is in your hand. You dont need to worry about your future. We are here to help you succeed. This is iStart and we are here to bring unity to startup ecosystem in the philippines.