Roey  30.03.2020

LINKMED is an online booking of check-up and laboratories in the philippines. This is a startup that we founded to join the Philippine Startup Challenge 4. Out of 202 entries we lucky entered into the final round and make it to the top 10 where all the finalist pitch their ideas. Link Med is no different from booking platforms like airbnb, trivago, or even grab taxi as its primordial concern is convenience, here you can have an appointment directly to your chosen health organization or institution in just a few seconds. All you have to do is grab your phone, open the application, and have yourself or your loved ones booked and appointed to the desired establishment offering medical services such as laboratory tests, hospital consultation, x-ray, and even request for prescription drugs at the most convenient time agreed on by the patient and the doctor.

Again, this kind of platform is the modern age solution for you and your family. It is very convenient not only on the part of the end user but also to the attending physicians, dentists and other related professionals.
We also have a concept of building a mobile version which can have video call check-up, and online pharmacy, but because we didnt have investors that time we decided not to continue the company.


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